Not feeling well enough to commute to the lab?

Why travel and wait in the lobby of diagnostic center when Klinikals can bring the lab services to your home. Be it a prescribed pathology test or general body check up, Klinikals will make sure you don’t leave the comfort of your home. We deliver test reports to your door, via e-mail also access them through our App at anytime.

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Why standard sample transferring is necessary?

Pathology test sample should be kept in the specific condition to get the accurate result. The current methods used while collecting and transferring samples most often result in inaccurate result. At Klinikals, we have best practice methods that will be followed while collecting as well as transferring samples to ensure the accurate result.

Well Equipped Labs

Our trusted partners are certified diagnostic centers with latest equipment and technologies. Using automation and quality processes they will ensure more accurate results.

Standardized sample collection procedure

It is a well known fact test result may vary significantly due to poor sample handling. We at Klinikals, make sure the samples are collected and transferred with utmost care using best practices.

Faster test

Use Klinikals sample collection at the location of your choice and get your test done faster. Now you don’t have to take a day off to either give your sample or to collect the report. Get diagnosed faster.