Practice End-to-End

Practice End-to-End consultation Online

Our intuitive interface lets you make a full-scale online consultation, right from reviewing your patient’s history, talking to your patient, issuing a valid prescription- complete with scheduling a follow-up and providing personalized care.

Consult patients at your convenience

Choose either to accept teleconsultations on the go or schedule an appointment and monetize your time while practicing online.

Consult patients at your convenience
Engage with your patients

Engage with your patients efficiently

Send notifications on scenarios of doctor-patient interaction which includes appointment confirmation, rescheduling or follow up and deliver a personalized healthcare experience to your patients.


The complete online consultation suite to consult patient remotely

Register on your Klinikals account either on your Desktop or by downloading the app. Fill your complete details. Our team will verify your details and walk you through the rest of the sign-up process.

Enter your registration details. Our expert team activate your account and onboard you after a quick verification.

No, you can use Klinikals from any device - desktop, tablet, mobile phone or a laptop by logging in with your sign-up details.

Our onboarding team will activate your account based on the following details:

a) License # (based on State)

b) Expiry date for License #

c) DEA # (Drugs Enforcement Administration)

d) Expiry date for DEA #

e) Telemedicine Insurance document (uploaded by doctors)

You need the following details to create a profile on Klinikals

  • About (Language, Time zone etc.)
  • Specialty
  • Service State
  • Mode of consultation
  • Bank details
  • Change password

Teleconsultations is an emerging healthcare trend which creates new possibilities for doctors and patients to interact with each other irrespective of location and time. This trend is accepted and welcomed by medical councils and doctors worldwide in lieu of the growing healthcare accessibility concerns. Teleconsultation aims to make healthcare convenient and accessible to common man and it is close towards fulfilling it.

Klinikals supports text, voice and video teleconsultation. Its UI provides end-to-end functionalities for a complete consultation such as uploading health records, images, prescriptions, facilitating follow ups and personalized care. Once patients place an appointment, you will receive an appointment request which you can either accept, reject or reschedule based on your availability. You will be entitled a fee of $60 for every teleconsultation appointment.

When a patient places a teleconsultation appointment, you will receive an email and a notification on the details of the same. After logging in, you can accept/reschedule the appointment directly through the homepage of the app/website.

After the completion of teleconsultation, you will need to Prescribe - to enter 'SOAP' where you are required to fill specific details.

SOAP stands for:

S - Symptoms

O - Observations

A - Assessments

P - Plan

SOAP contains the medical details of a patient per session and it will be stored in order of date as a part of the patient medical history.

You need to complete SOAP for you to complete a transaction. Until you finish complete you will be allowed to modify SOAP. Autosave option available!

Step 1: Receive a teleconsultation appointment reques

Step 2: Accept appointment on the go or schedule it for later

Step 3: Join the patient at the selected mode of consultation window

Why choose us?

  • - Reach more online audience without getting tied by location
  • - Manage follow-ups with your patients in a time and cost-effective manner
  • - Easy-to-use interface for end-to-end online consultation

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