Talk to doctors

Talk to doctors through encrypted channels

Talk to doctor via Chat/Voice/Video through security compliant encrypted channels and ensure that your information is accessed only by doctors. We never store any information on third party channels.

Interact with doctors when you need most

Get primary care from board certified doctors round the clock. Connect to a doctor when you need the most and avoid the hassle of travelling or waiting at the clinic when you are sick.

Interact with doctors
Manage your health records

Manage your health records better

Upload health records in cloud and share them with doctors during remote consultation. Manage your health records and access them on any device with the click of a button.

Why choose us?

  • - Verified doctors with proven experience
  • - High quality teleconsultation services for a smooth session
  • - Built in tools and interface to facilitate end-to-end online consultation with doctors

How our services work?