One of the most prevalent health condition that anybody could be affected with is Diabetes. Unfortunately, it ends up sticking with us throughout our lives. However, Studies confirm that people who assess their diabetes from time to time and take precautionary steps on the same are less likely to face the adversities of diabetes compared to people who rarely do. Diabetes can absolutely be managed through modifications in lifestyle and nutrition and it is seldom dependent on popping a diabetes tablet alone.  

This package is designed comprehensively to screen whether you are diabetic and also to assess your diabetes range from time to time. Along with a comprehensive test module, we also have an in-house nutritionist who will review your diet plan and guide you towards a diabetic-free tomorrow.

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Who can join this program?

Diacare is designed exclusively for diabetic people of any age group. You could also avail this program for your loved ones in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bengaluru as well!

Program details

Diacare comes with a monthly Diabetes test along with expert guidance from our in-house General practitioner and nutritionist on further health concerns. You will be eligible for flat 20% discount on diabetic medicines every month for the medicines purchased through our trusted partners on Klinikals. You can avail all the services of Diacare, from collecting lab samples, consulting a doctor, getting medicines and lab tests, right from the comfort of your home.

Exclusive services

1. Flat 20% discount every month on Diabetic medicines 

2. Monthly Glucose Fasting /PP 

3. Quarterly Hb1Ac 

4. Monthly Teleconsultation with a GP via chat/video/voice 

5. Monthly Teleconsultation with a nutritionist via chat/video/voice on diet review 

6. Monthly Diacare analysis report 

Duration 1 year 


Pay Annually @Rs.990/- per year 


Pay Monthly @Rs. 99/- per month

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