Diabetes is fast gaining the status of a potential epidemic in India with more than 62 million diabetic individuals currently diagnosed with the disease. Several common lifestyle choices we make in our everyday lives, like Stress, genetics and improper eating habits etc paves way to Diabetes. However, mending your habits with diet, physical activity, medication, regular screening, and treatment for complications can help you manage your glucose levels or sometimes entirely treat Diabetes.

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Why choose Diacare for managing Diabetes?

According to WHO, one of the reasons why there’s a rapid upsurge in the Diabetes in recent years is inadequacies of treatment like poor diabetes screening and preventive services, non-adherence to diabetic management guidelines, lack of available counselling, and long-distance travel to health services. Diacare solves the problem by intermittent screening using our home lab facilities, expert guidance with the help of remote consultation by our Certified Diabetes Educators and doctors and an actionable plan to beat the pattern of Diabetes.

Diacare plus is an upgraded version of Diacare which includes few other test parameters to help you get deeper insights on your Diabetes range.

Diacare Program details
  • > Home lab sample collection
  • > Monthly fasting and PP
  • > Monthly Bp
  • > HbA1c
  • > Urine routine
  • > Monthly Doctor consultation
  • > Monthly nutritionist and dietician review
Diacare Plus Program details
  • > Home lab sample collection
  • > Monthly Fasting and PP
  • > Monthly Bp
  • > HbA1c
  • > Urine routine
  • > Lipid profile
  • > Kidney function
  • > Monthly nutritionist and dietician review
Bonus services
  • > Discounts every month on Diabetic medicines
  • > Real-time Diacare analysis repor


Every month for Yearly plan

As per count for Monthly plan


Diacare @ Rs 199/ + GST(18%) Monthly plan

Diacare @ Rs 1999/ + GST(18%) yearly plan

Diacare Plus+ @ Rs 299/ + GST(18%) Monthly plan

Diacare Plus + @ Rs 2999/ + GST(18%) yearly plan

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