The world will be different for good, more aware and more accessible

No one expected that we would welcome this new year with isolation and fear. Our spirits are high, and we will overcome this silent killer, like many other challenges we have faced. In a few months, this event will be history, but one thing to keep in mind is the resilience of our front line workers and others like our Dad’s, Mom’s, Children, Co-workers, essential workers and ourselves during these stressful times.

We, as a species, never gave up with our spirits as high as ever ready to face the invisible invader. We were locked up to save our selves and our friends and co-workers. Many of the folks I talked to are utilizing this time to reflect on things that are meaningful to them.

These past few months, there has been a tremendous change in how we conduct our life. The technology divide between technical and non-technical has become narrower.

In healthcare, though, technological advancement has been made in discovery. But, very little has been made in terms of accessibility of health care to users through technology. Klinikals working with various NGO’s and Govt bodies partners, have launched Tele-medicine in rural India, helping rural citizens connect to physicians from the comfort of their homes. Through seamless integration of ePrescription, the medicines can be delivered to their home. Klinikals has enabled such patient-provider interaction seamless. We have seen a nearly 500% growth in Tele-consults in rural India, and the demand is ever-growing.

Our Journey has just begun; when this uncertain time passes, our lives will only get better enabled by technology elevating the human experience, not for social likeness but also social enrichment. We have taken this opportunity to bring health services to the remotest part of the world and urban neighborhoods. We are narrowing the line for health service accessibility.

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