The importance of taking medicines correctly


To get complete benefit from your medication, you need to make sure that you are taking them as prescribed by your doctor. The chance of better health improves when you take the medicines as instructed.

But 4 out of 10 mainly older people are taking only one drug who is instructed to take more than one of their prescriptions. It is important to take correct medicine dose what your healthcare professional has indicated.

Taking the right dose

For children, the dosage varies upon the child’s weight. Dosage for child depends on weight rather than age. In some cases, doctors may increase the dosage. You have to follow the prescribed increased rate to make sure you can tolerate the increase of medication.

You should never change or alter your medication without any prescription. If you are not getting enough relief from the prescribed medicines, don’t take more without the permission of your healthcare professional. Consult them and they will suggest the prescription to improve your condition.

Taking the medication at the right time

Are you taking the medication at a prescribed time? When and how you are taking the medicines impacts the medicine effectiveness. Some medicines have to take more than once a day. If you skip or wait to take the dose for a long time, you may not get benefits and better health outcome.

You check your prescription for the information on how and when to take the medication such as before or after breakfast and supper, on empty stomach and before going to bed. It is necessary to follow the instructions to maximize the health benefits without any side effects.

If the directions provided on the prescription aren’t convenient, consult your doctor or pharmacist. They can make changes or provide you the suggestions.

Most of the people forget to take the medicines once in a while. To avoid the missing dose, take your medication with your everyday tasks. This will help you to take the dose correctly without fail. If you forgot to take dose at prescribed time, ask your healthcare professional what to do. Don’t make your assumptions on doubling the dose at next time.

Nowadays, there are many smartphone apps are available to connect with the meds. Reach them through apps and they will give you the solution.

Not taking medicines as prescribed

Instincts do help us sometimes. But trusting your instincts in overriding matters like self-medication is a grave mistake that you need to immediately call off. In the name of getting rid of your health problems, you are literally tuning your body to a bigger problem- antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is an underrated problem which nobody really talks about. This condition is caused merely due to few of our habitual mistakes, but its consequences are quite appalling and far-reaching. Check out this article to know more.

Get organized

Organizing the medications as prescribed is very important. Here are the few steps and related information to make easier for you to organize the medicines.

  • List out all the medications which you want to take such as prescriptions, vitamins, supplements and drugs.
  • Note down the questions which you want to ask your doctor. This will helps you to remember what to ask and makes your medication process correctly.
  • Save all your medical information such as emergency contact number, your physician contact and much more.


Don’t hesitate to consult your physician or pharmacist when you have any queries or problems with your medication. Even if you feel unimportant to consult, it could have the significant impact on your treatment and also your health.

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