An Easier, Smarter, & Cost-Efficient Way to Buy Medicines

Do you feel you spend too much money at the pharmacy every month? Have you had to miss a trip to the pharmacy because of another pressing issue? Have you returned home empty-handed because your pharmacist didn’t stock the medicines you were prescribed?

We have all answered ‘Yes’ to at least one of these questions at some point in our lives. At Klinikals, we asked ourselves what we can do to avoid said problems.

Here’s what we came up with:

Medicines are an essential commodity and people need easy access to them. It is as simple as that. So we, at Klinikals, created a healthcare marketplace where you can order your medicines through a mobile application or a phone call. You can select the medicines you need, choose from hundreds of trusted pharmacies, get the best price, and have them delivered to your doorstep while you focus on other things. How’s that for accessibility?

In addition, we follow certain guidelines for your safety. You will have to upload a valid prescription while placing your order. A certified pharmacist at Klinikals will inspect your prescription and approve your purchase.

All you have to do next is sit back and wait.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered, ordering medicines is a breeze!

It is that easy! It only takes few minutes to complete your order and you can do this without having to step out from the comfort of your home. You can expect your medicines to be delivered within 4 hours. If your medicines aren’t available at the pharmacy of your choice we will ensure the medicines are obtained from our network of trusted pharmacies and delivered to you as soon as possible. We guarantee 100% fulfilment on your order.

In our efforts to make essential healthcare like medicines more accessible we realized the importance of pharmacists and their pharmacies in the community. To help these trusted healthcare providers, Klinikals created an online healthcare platform that will enable pharmacists to reach their customers and create an experience that is best in class in the industry. Because accessibility means bringing both sides closer – the customer and the healthcare provider.

Convinced? See for yourselves how ordering medicines are easier, smarter, and cost-efficient on Klinikals!

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