7 Easy Steps to Avoid Back Pain, Stay Active, and De-Stress While at Work.

If you are here because of back pain, you are more likely to have a desk job than not. Four in five people experience back pain at some point in their lives due to them having to hunch over computers for long periods of time every single day.

Sitting in the same place is bad for your spine and that’s not all, it has serious effects on your physical and mental health.

Okay, you might want to accuse us of scaremongering here but the truth is – the desk job is a hazardous business! Sitting or more precisely being sedentary for long periods of time are more dangerous than sky-diving or mountain climbing.

Here’s another truth – a few simple changes in the way you work can help the dangers of the office chair disappear.

  1. Keep your head straight

Chin up. This is the best way to put as less strain on your neck and spine as possible. Focus on aligning your line of sight as straight as you can while looking at your screen.

2. Pick the right chair

Be choosy. Go for a chair that feels comfortable but has a sturdy enough back rest to give you enough support. Yes, we hear you, stylish furnishing is important but it is second place to the happiness of going home without a hurting back.

3. Breathe

Take deep lungfuls of air and move your belly while you’re at it. This engages your core muscles and provides the added benefit of keeping your mind relaxed. It also keeps you alive.

4. Keep your feet on the ground

Yes. This timeless piece of philosophical advice does wonders for your knees and joints as well. Keeping your feet planted on the ground and shoulder-width apart reduces the tension on your knees and ankles thereby improving your posture.

5. Go for a walk

Get up every 20 minutes, go for a walk, talk to your colleagues, and have a glass of water. Movement is the key to engage your muscles and relieve your back from being frozen in one position. It’s also a great way to destress, stay up-to-date on the office gossip, and keeps your heart pumping more blood.

6. Stretch

Perform stretches every now and then to keep yourself refreshed and to take the strain off your legs, spine, shoulders, and neck. Rotate your arms and neck, touch your toes, and reach for the sky (stand on your toes). This should help you stay flexible and relaxed.

7. Don’t strain your eyes

Try not to squint; it’s better to lean forward while trying to reach the screen or the keyboard. Most of the time, believe it or not, we forget to blink enough. Blinking, drastically decreases while we’re focusing on something like a TV screen or reading a book. This strains your eyes and leads to dry eyes. The solution is to be more mindful of your eyes when performing a task.

These are small steps you can take to stay active. Turning these into regular habits can also help you keep stress at bay and improve productivity. Remember, you can only work as well as your mind and body allows you to!

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