Our Story

At times, accessing healthcare services seem to be an onerous task. We people at Klinikals, have experienced this often.

Like when one of our founders was sick at home, he found it hard to get his prescription filled. He tried contacting his friends and relatives to ask assistance for no avail. Eventually, he had to physically go to the pharmacy despite his sickness.

Or in an instance when one of our colleague’s mom needed a lab test done while he was on a business trip, he found it hard to take care of his mom’s needs.

Or when a single mom of a three-year-old have to buy medicines for her sick kid whom she can neither leave alone at home nor carry to the pharmacy, she had no other option than to wait for her neighbours to get back home. Does any of these situation sound familiar?

These are some of the stories we hear every day and this is what inspired us to build Klinikals.

The current healthcare system makes it difficult for the common man to get the help he needs. Though people pay in full for the services they take, they are often deprived of the standard and quality that they ought to get.

In order to overcome these and other shortcomings that exist in the traditional model, we’ve created Klinikals to connect consumers and providers in a transparent online environment.

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Why choose us?

At Klinikals, we strongly believe all aspects concerning health has to be handled with utmost care to get precise results. Whether you buy a medicine or order a lab test, Klinikals will let you know of the choices you have. Every feature on our App is specially designed with your needs and comfort in mind as we ourselves are our customers.

Customer centric

At Klinikals, our priority is our customer’s need and our goal is to satisfy them.

Same Day Delivery

We promise to deliver your medicines anywhere you like within few hours from the time your order is placed.

Best procedures in Sample collection

Experience the best sample collection and transfer procedures done by qualified Phlebotomists.

Most Efficient service

We dedicate all our resources to provide the most efficient services to help you heal faster.

Secured Record Storage

All your healthcare records are stored and managed in a highly secured and certified environment.

Our team

As India’s first Healthcare Marketplace, we look for new possibilities in the healthcare sector and increase its potentials with our innovative thoughts and ideas. Health care services are not just limited to pharmacies and laboratories. Klinikals also never limit its operation with just a few services that generate revenue for it. Team Klinikals constantly seek for the areas in the healthcare that can be improved and integrated with our model so that its accessibility can be expanded to an online environment.